Bojan Glavašević Croatia

Bojan, born in Vukovar in 1984, is Croatian politician, linguist and sociologist, and Member of Parliament in the 9th and 10th convocations of the Croatian Parliament. He is a former Assistant Minister of the Directorate for Legal and Housing Affairs of the Ministry of Veterans. He is one of the main authors of the Law on the Rights of Victims of Sexual Violence during the Armed Aggression against the Republic of Croatia in the Homeland War. In 2016, he became a Member of Parliament, Vice President of the Committee on European Affairs of the Croatian Parliament, a member of the Committee on Information, Digitalization and Media, the Committee on Education, Culture and Science, and the Committee on Human Rights and the Rights of National Minorities. In his speeches, he often deals with issues of the European Union, education, human rights, freedom of the media and culture, and technological innovation. As an independent member in the 2020 elections, with over 3,000 votes, by far the most votes on the electoral list, he is entering the 10th convocation of the Croatian Parliament. In Parliament, he acts as an independent representative in the Club of Representatives of the Green-Left Bloc. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs and is a member of the Committee on Foreign Policy.