Mija Javornik

Mija Javornik Slovenia

Mija Javornik is a feminist, sociologist and human rights defender. Mija is the Vice President of Social Democrats Slovenia (SD). She volunteers her time as Programme Manager for Društvo Evropska mreža za enakost spolov. Mija was a Global Thinkers expert/trainer and a member of PES Women Executive Bureau. Since 2007 she has jointly developed and delivered programmes on political and economic empowerment of women and on reconstruction and development in the Balkans, and developed the project for the Implementation of the Security Council Resolution 1325 in Slovenia. Mija designed the Social Democratic Mentoring Programme that was implemented in the Western Balkans, MENA region, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. Mija studied sociology at the University of Ljubljana and Hawaii Pacific University and received the Klinar Fund Award for her thesis.