What do we do?

Capacity building projects based on skills and knowledge transfer are essential in our work since we strongly believe that human capital is key feature for political and social change.

Our Tasks

Democratic society without which there can be no peace or stability in the region, and this is why building of democracy needs to be our priority.

Prejudices in the region, especially among young people, are still existing and prevent the main obstacle for reconciliation process.

Peace-building process that is based on cooperation of political elites, main society actors and new generation of leaders.

Raising and solving the most notable obstacles that have been preventing countries of the region from working jointly.

Developing and implementing practical policies hat would lead to democratization and reconciliation and address ethnic tensions .

Balanced Socio-economic development, which is one of the key features of just and peaceful democratic society. Equality of chances.

Active citizen engagement and participative political culture, especially the one that enhances participation of youth.

Promotion of sustainable, modern and active education that would help achieve main goals of ADD.

Secure and safe environment and security policies that answer to new-age security challenges.

Promoting the culture of dialogue in the decision making process and establishing it as one of the main tools of good governance.


Organization of the work of ADD
Four centers


Aims to develop, implement and promote policies that will lead to reconciliation, tolerance, equality, democratization and participation.


Aims to implement projects that will provide answers to new security issues arising in the region and tackle both regional and international security problems.


Analyzes and develop regional approach to all the international challenges, including, but not limited to, EU integration process.


This Centre will support work of the other three Centers through data collection, analysis, procession and other activities connected to this area.